Immune Booster Powder 50g

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සංස්ථා ප්‍රතිශක්ති වර්ධක කසාය පේයාව 50g (Immune Booster Peyawa Powder)
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Rasakinda, Kaladuru, Ginger, Kiratha, Coriander, Rath Handun etc.

Add four cups of water in to the contents of the packet (two table spoon) and boil it until the water is reduced to half a cup of water. Strain the boiled water. Can be taken with or without sugar.

Twice daily morning and evening.

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Weight50 g


This Ayurvedic peyawa powder was introduced by a special national committee appointed for eradication of Covid-19 in Sri Lanka. More information: 011-2850229


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